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Eastbrooke Pointe 2

Eastbrooke Pointe Section 2 is our latest commercial development in Mt. Washington, Kentucky.  We currently have 6 large lots avaliable ranging from 0.908 acres to 8.245 acres.  This development can be accessed from Hwy 31 Bypass and Section 1 of Eastbrooke Pointe.  Eastbrooke Pointe Section 2 will be home to a Large Commercial Chain Grocery Store.  Please contact us for pricing information and any further details. 

If you would like to speak with someone regarding the pricing or purchase of a commercial lot, please contact Cindy Jameison at 502-955-1212 or Ashley Sanders at 502-538-4085.




Oakbrooke Property Layout
Click here to view the overall layout of Oakbrooke Properties that include Oakbrooke West, Oakbrooke East, and Eastbrooke Pointe Sections 1, 2 & 3.

Eastbrooke Pointe 2 Layout
Click here to view the full size image of Eastbrooke Pointe Section 2 (picture shown at right).

Click Lot Information below to see the dimensions and specifics on each individual lot.

Eastbrooke Pointe 2

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