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Eastbrooke Pointe 1

Eastbrooke Pointe Section 1 is a commercial development that is located at the intersection of Bardstown Road (31E Bypass) and Hwy 44 in Mt. Washington, Ky.  These commercial lots are an amazing opportunity for any business looking to grow in Bullitt County and Mt. Washington.  Lots range from 0.440 acres to 0.925 acres.  Traffic enters from Hwy 44, Oakbrooke East Section 1, and connect to Eastbrooke Pointe Section 2.  Please contact us for pricing information and any further details.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding the pricing or purchase of a commercial lot, please contact Cindy Jameison at 502-955-1212 or Ashley Sanders at 502-538-4085.

Oakbrooke Properties Layout
Click here to view the overall layout of Oakbrooke Properties that include Oakbrooke West, Oakbrooke East, and Eastbrooke Pointe Sections 1, 2 & 3.

Eastbrooke Pointe 1 Layout
Click here to view the full size image of Eastbrooke Pointe Section 1 (picture shown at right).

Click Lot Information below to see the dimensions and specifics on each individual lot.

Eastbrooke Pointe 1

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